About Gorilla Grub Kitchen

My name is Clare Bennett and I have set up Gorilla grub kitchen as a way of spreading the word about the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet for weight loss, health, and longevity.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I currently run AOF Champions gym with my husband Mark and I also teach pole fitness at Pole 4 Fitness and aerial silks and hoops at AOF Air. We are both plant-based bodybuilders trying to show the world it is possible to eat just plants and grow muscles too!

I have spent many years dealing with clients who had found it impossible to lose weight and find it a daily battle thinking about what to eat and when to eat it!


GGK came about because I am keen to live to be 100 with all my faculties intact so I set about feeding my body in a way that will get me there. I am not a chef or a trained cook so I have spent hours learning and perfecting recipes and now I love to cook.

I haven’t always eaten well. I was a picky meat eater as a child and teenager and then when I was 26 I decided that eating meat didn’t sit well with my values of being an animal lover so I went vegetarian. I believed that I was doing a good thing and carried on eating lots of dairy such as cheese and yoghurt. I thought that cutting up some peppers and courgette, adding it to a pan of quorn fillets and a jar of curry sauce was healthy cooking. I didn’t know any different. I thought that you needed lots of ingredients and skill to cook completely from scratch and I honestly didn’t know where to start and thought it would be time-consuming and difficult.

In my 30’s I suffered from fibroids one, in particular, was the size of a grapefruit that eventually needed to be surgically removed. No one could give me any answers as to what had caused this. Now I know there is a direct link between dairy and fibroids.

In 2015 I came across the book ‘The China Study’. After I read this I found myself on a trail that introduced me to a whole new world of nutritional thinking. I couldn’t believe what these plant-based doctors were telling me. They were reversing diseases that I believed were a natural part of aging. I decided that I was going to go plant-based and tried my best to persuade everyone to do the same! (Usually by spouting facts and figures and wondering why people were not listening!) Experience has now taught me that transitioning to a whole foods plant-based diet is different for everyone and people need space and guidance to transition into this way of eating.
So over time I have shared meals, held seminars and food tasting sessions to help people to make positive changes in their diet and health. 

I am continuing my education by studying for a degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition at the University of Hull.



Gorilla Grub Kitchen

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