Sucess Tip #1 Focus on the process not the outcome

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 Success tip #1

Thinking about your end goal can make it seem like it is a very long way away. Maybe you have set a goal that you have never achieved in your life before and it actually feels a little unattainable and scary?

When you focus on the eventual outcome you get side-tracked when things don't go the way you expected. Your internal audience tells you that you were correct that you could not do it and then this leads to you feeling like you are failing and before you know it, the next step is you quit!

Focusing on the process means you get increased self-esteem just by doing the do. You feel good for doing small steps, which motivates you to keep going. When your day starts by eating a good breakfast, then you pack up a healthy lunch and then arranged to meet a friend for a walk you are creating postive little habits that keep you heading towards your goal. Each of these gives you a little pat on the back, which boosts self-esteem and keeps you excited about the next step.

Putting one foot in front of the other will keep you moving forward, which will eventually get you closer to the outcome of your goal.

So, today make a note of all the things you have done that are taking you closer to your goal and give yourself a high five!